A Poem for the End of the World: New Year’s Day, 2012

“Write a resume of all your failures.  Now make a list of your dream jobs when you were somewhere between nine and eleven.  You know what to do.” – Mindy Nettifee

Part One: Lines that don’t begin with “I never”

Someone told me that he loved me, so I said
that I loved him too, but
I didn’t mean it.

My road test, the first time I took it.  I’m still afraid
of merging.

I’m going on my sixth year of undergrad.

I stopped writing poems, and performing in cheesy musicals, and growing out my hair.

And I gave up naps before I reached my first birthday, insisting I stay awake
for everything.

Part Two: Things I assumed would happen when I grew up

I’d be a writer, a poet,
a world-famous, award-winning  author
(not a high school English teacher,  even though that’s what I told people
to get them off my back).

I’d wake up one morning with a very sophisticated, grown up lack of interest
in chocolate.

And I’d someday grow tall enough
for the visor  over the windshield in the car to actually mean something to me,

because I just always believed
that the sun shining brightly was a good thing.


About Amelia

feminist, seafood enthusiast, bookworm, blogworm
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3 Responses to A Poem for the End of the World: New Year’s Day, 2012

  1. Charles Davenport says:

    Nice!! Purge the urge to merge

    • Amelia says:

      Thanks, Chuck! I think you’ve seen this one before; I posted it to fb a few months back, when i first wrote it.

      Merging sucks. Driving sucks. Anyplace you can’t get to via bicycle isn’t really worth visiting.

  2. Charles Davenport says:

    You know, I thought I had seen it before. I wasn’t sure, though. 🙂

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