About this blog

I have a top-secret personal Twitter page, and it’s home to my uncensored internal monologue.  I pretty much just tweet about my menstrual cycle and how I’m pretty sure that my Evangelical Christian grandmother masturbates just as much as the rest of us do.

When I asked my Twitter followers to help me come up with a name for this blog, a former professor emailed me with the following suggestion:

I was thinking of a name for your blog, and I was thinking about your majors and interest in writing and issues, but also about your sense of humor.  So, my suggestion for your blog is xyz-pdq.  It would be a funny acronym that everyone knows but hasn’t used since fifth grade (it also makes fun of acronyms, lol, for instance), but it also is what became an accepted way of saying something uncomfortable to say.  I think that is what you pay a lot of attention to– those things that could go unsaid but may be better if someone says them.

And so that’s my plan for this blog: to bring to the surface things that need to be addressed but aren’t normally discussed.  And we all have our individual perspectives, so what I post will inevitably be influenced by my interests in feminism and literature.

Also, the photo at the top of these pages was taken in my bedroom.  Except I never use that desk.  Instead, I sit on my bed–where I was when I took the photo, and where I am right now for that matter–reading, writing, watching Netflix, and generally avoiding human interaction.  And yes, that is a fridge.  (I bought a personal-sized one at a garage sale because my sister kept stealing my Trader Joe’s mac & cheese.)

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